IMG_5896Dry cleaning is a process for cleaning clothing without water or moisture involved. The cleaning fluid that is used, Hydrocarbon, is a liquid. All garments are immersed and cleaned in this liquid solvent. Contiunal filtration is used to maintain clarity and quality. The fact that there is no water is why this process is called “dry”.

IMG_5899Shirt laundry is a wash and machine finish service for men’s dress shirts. White shirts stay brilliantly white, while colored shirts keep their vibrancy. All missing and damaged buttons are replaced at no charge and special care is given to the collars and cuffs.

IMG_5897Expert alterations are available at all locations with experienced seamstresses and quality results. Minor repairs are done at no extra charge on any dry cleaned garment.

curtainProfessional dry cleaning and wet cleaning service available for all household items; bedspreads, comforters, blankets, quilts, drapes, sleeping bags and pillows.

IMG_5901Wedding gowns are cleaned with professional care and either pressed for use on that special day or preserved for years of damage free storage.

wetWet cleaning is delicate cleaning for fine washables with professional finishing.